White or Gray is a Suitable Color for Bedroom Furniture

Gray bedroom furniture can bring the warm and intimate atmosphere. It has the similar effect with beige and pastel colors that can present the natural impression. Gray may not commonly used for staining the walls, but if you apply the harmonious and the right color combinations, this will produce the calming effect. Before applying gray, specify first your selection. The shades of gray can create the different nuances. For example, dark gray will make the room look cramped and cold, while the light gray make the room looks brighter and warmer.

Gray bedroom furniture
Gray bedroom furniture

White and Gray Bedroom Furniture

Complementary color of gray that is often chosen is white. It is able to present the elegant, warm and special impression. The same effect can be obtained if you combine gray with black and metallic colors. These accents will make the room look clean and modern. However, you should combine them with wood colors such as beige and brown to assert the classic atmosphere. It would be more convenient, if you provide the adequate ventilation. As a recommendation, the French design in wide glass windows and no insulation could be the right choice.

To reduce the cold impression of the gray furniture, then use wood as the floor and ceiling material. Choose the color of dark wood for the construction of flooring and the lighter color for the ceiling. It is the perfect blend to bring a balance in the interior design of your bedroom. Meanwhile, if you apply the dark gray for the floor, you can use white ceiling. Besides ceiling, the white color also can be presented on the chandelier. In general, the furniture that needs a touch of gray is the bedding covers, carpets, curtains and cabinets. The bright accent colors such as yellow, pink or green can also refresh the gray decor.

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