Rustic Medicine Cabinet Taken with Style

The rustic medicine cabinet craft is made with a warm style of country furniture for house. The rustic is not meant as bad old-style taste since the furniture is made by the best material, reliable craftsman, and follow the newest trend in style.

Medicine cabinet
Medicine cabinet

The Specs of Rustic Medicine Cabinet

The mason store is essential as a rustic charm. You need to check the size. The wide is 24.5 inches and the wide is 7 inches, while the deep is 30 inches high. The cabinet is skillfully crafted of compact poplar. It makes the cabinet will be long-lasting furniture. The furniture has features the 3 flexible tempered-glass postponed. In the center, there is a chamfered mirror as the door part.

 The door is only in front side. The mirror is very clean. The medicine can be seen from outside. When the medicine supply is running low, you can immediately find out and immediately bought a new medicine.The medicine cabinet is a hand finished by a main material of rustic old Mahogany wood. The Mahogany wood is very well-known for the material of good furniture.

 The furniture is sealed by the protecting lacquer. It is a moisture resistance.So, this box will appear always clean and shiny eye.The product must be professional recommended furniture.To be more details in features, glass is a tempered safety material. It is factory-made through an extreme heated process that is followed by the express cooling. The process makes the glass harder and anti-breakage.

 The interior size, without shelves, is follow. The wide is 18.5 inches.The high is 24.75 inches. The deep is only 4.5 inches. The cabinet has a maximum capacity for 55 pounds and the weight is 28 pounds. The cabinet needs a care for maintenance. The cleaning glass is just a standard cleaner.You will not be bothered to clean it up. It will be perfect for your bathroom, toilet, or kitchen placement. The Rustic Cabinet has a spread soft frame and clean cloth.

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