Industrial Chic Furniture in Tropical Areas

Industrial chic furniture applies the unique and eccentric urban concept for every detail of the room design. This concept usually implements the exposed concrete for flooring. You can also use epoxy coating as the finishing material. In addition, the construction of exposed metal and wooden beams is designed to allow the sunlight to fall through the cracks of beams. This will produce the very pretty shadow and effect to the interior space. Some designers combine industrial concept with the tropical architecture by combining the traditional elements with modern furnishings. For example, you can use the dining chairs from the synthetic rattan material in the traditional models.

Industrial chic furniture
Industrial chic furniture

The Designs of Industrial Chic Furniture

Another idea is the use of chandeliers. To make it more attractive, you can use the lampshade of wooden bird cage design. This also could present a rustic impression. In addition, tropical concept is embodied in the extensive inner court as the facilities for fresh air circulation. Modern technology also needs to be applied to the industrial concept. It is used to the ceiling inner court that can be opened and closed automatically. Choose the transparent material or glass, so that the sunlight can enter the room freely. To confirm the appeal, the concept of industrial applies the unfinished styles in some parts such as floor and wall.

Besides concrete, the touches of red bricks on several sides of the walls are also able to be an attraction. Do not forget to put the artistic wall hangings like the abstract paintings on it. Neutral colors are the favorite choice for industrial concept. Black, white and gray usually dominates the entire room. Furthermore, this concept often utilizes the former wood which is then designed as the table and chairs. In fact, it is not easy to apply this idea. Therefore, there is no harm if you ask for advice from the professional interior designer or room decorator.

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