How to Renew the Look of Kitchen Cabinet

Sometimes people want to change the look of their kitchen. Usually, they do it by changing their kitchen cabinet. Of course, changing here does not refer to buying a new one. Instead, it is only renewing the appearance. It can be done by repaint the cabinets. If you want to tint them, then you might want to follow our tips on how to do it properly.

New kitchen cabinet

Emptying the Cabinets

The very first thing we have to do before painting it is to empty the cabinets. We certainly do not want to paint it from the outside only, right? That would be so lame. That’s why renovate it inside and out will bring much better result in total.

Removing the Doors, Shelves, and Drawers

After you have moved everything inside to another place, our next job is removing the doors. It can be done by releasing the hinge screws from the frame. It is better if we remove it in order. For example, we can start with the top cabinet from left to right and then continue it to the bottom part with the same or otherwise turn. Besides the door, we also need to take off the shelves as well as the drawers. This removal aims to let us do the next parts easier.

Cleaning and Filling

Once the removing part is finished, now you can clean everything here. First, clean the things that have been removed. Second, cleanse the inside and outside of the cabinets. Third, if you find any holes in there, then you may fill it with polyester wood. Autobody filler can be another alternative for you to do the filling.

Sanding All Over

After everything has been cleaned, we now can move onto the sanding part. The purpose of sanding is to make the surface become much softer. In order to do it, we need a grit paper and rub it to the cabinets.

Painting and Finishing

If all things have been sanded smoothly, now we may begin the painting job. In this case, pick the color you really like at the moment such as white, sky blue, green, or else. Just select the one which suits your needs. If the cabinets are painted all over, wait until the paints are totally dry. Then, once they are all dry, you may installing the doors, drawers, and shelves back to its place. Finally, you may place everything back to your new and fresh kitchen cabinet.

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