Harley Davidson Furniture American Heritage

Harley Davidson furniture had been industrialized like a Harley-Davidson heavy motorcycle, the classic leather Harley-Davidson is one of the American heritages. The heavyweight motor is the symbol of American big gang. The product is obtainable through dealers. You can check later to buy the collection.

Harley Davidson chair furniture
Harley Davidson chair furniture

The Chair and Sofa Harley Davidson Furniture

The leather can adapted for many shapes like table and chair. The example you may choose can been seen below:

  1. Executive Twist Chair

The typical features are the welt trim arms, chrome bright arms, saddle-stitched, and swivel base. The Harley-Davidson’s logo is placed on the center of the chair. The chairman will be proud of the products.

  1. Small Soft Sofa
Harley Davidson sofa furniture
Harley Davidson sofa furniture, buy: enthusiastfurniture.com

The sofa is very suit for your house if you are a spooky man. The standard features are the under saddle-stitched, the slight nails, top of seat border, and the around base. The logo is centered inside the back cushion.

  1. Harley-Davidson Ottoman

The standard feature is a mitred upper panel. The welt trims are around the base and top. The bulky nails are spaced in around top and bottom also in the sides and corner. If you want, it is also presented chair without nails. It means just a welt trim. The weight is 90 lbs. The Ottoman dimensions are 44 inches for the length x 44 inches for the weight x 20 inches for the height.

For the variations, the logo for the Ottoman is very plenty of choice. The variants are Bar & Shield, Prestige, Willie skull, Eagle, and American Classic. The others customize are still available. The options of the nails are granite, brushed nickel, distressed brass, and antique brass.There are the wood finishes that are Ebony and Russet.

In 2008, the Harley-Davidson leather had been licensed with the agreement. Soon, the condition makes an inspiration to create many design, shape, and custom in Harley-Davidson style. The Harley Davidson collection is imparted by the DNA of Harley-Davidson with officially license from the Harley-Davidson company.

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