Craftsman Style Cabinets in the Kitchen

Craftsman style cabinets are very great for all size of house. Kitchen is an important area of the house. It becomes the standard for the healthy house. As time goes by, the house style and design develops rapidly. Kitchen interior also changes in various styles. One of the most popular and unique style is craftsman style. The main characteristic of this style is the mixture of crafts and arts design from the late 19th century as the impact of industrial revolution in England.

Wood craftsman
Wood craftsman, by Brian Evans

Some Tips To Choose The Good Craftsman Style Cabinets

If you are going to update or renovate your kitchen in traditional details, this craftsman style will be great on you. It is usually defined by minimal ornamentation, simple line and high quality construction. The real craftsman cabinet is always made from hardwood such as cherry, maple or oak. It has natural beauty and good strength which makes it cost quite expensive rather than any common wood. Moreover, it also needs special and extensive working.

This cabinet does not require much painting. The cabinet has had a wonderful look by its inherent beauty. You can just stain the cabinet to enhance the rich hue. But if you want to paint it, you can choose neutral color such as soft brown, light green or rust color that can work very well in your cabinet.

This style can bring back an antique and historical feeling to the kitchen. For the floor, you can also use same material as the cabinet. Wood is very flexible. It can be matched with various material. So, if you want to have antique accessories or hardware you can use stone or tiles in complementary colors. Due to its endless popularity, craftsman styles are available in various models. So, you can get a classic theme and antique look for long life time.

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