Black Distressed Furniture for New Atmosphere

Black distressed furniture is a new way to paint your old furniture in black color. It has been popular for long time, but now it becomes the famous trend for decor in your home. Black is both dramatic and powerful color, but sometimes it does not seem match to be used in furniture. Black furniture in home decor is very popular in common because it has strong and elegant design in your whole room. If you have old furniture which has faded color, the best way to make it look better is by applying the black color.

Some Tips For Black Distressed Furniture

Actually, having distressed furniture is not difficult. But, you need to be careful when applying it in black theme. Distressed furniture will bring a new nuance in your room, even though the furniture is not new. Black is suitable for all color combination. So, distressed your furniture in black theme will be very perfect. You do not have to worry in selecting the rest color for the whole room because you will not get bad result. Another choice of neutral color like ivory or beige creates interesting appearance. Applying too much color is not a good choice. You are better to use two or three tone in same textures.

Moreover, distressed furniture can save your money but give antique and new look. The combination a black distressed stuffs with wonderful wall can add the beauty in your room. Some suggestion for the wall would be a bright color in stripped pattern with bold curtains. A simple palette really suits in a black furniture room. Don’t be hesitating to combine some colors to create a balance look for black furniture. So, why don’t you distress you old furniture in black or dark theme? There are so many ways to make your room outstanding in black furniture.

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